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Graduate Programs : Doctoral Degrees : Sport and Exercise Science Ph.D. : Sport Pedagogy Emphasis

Sport Pedagogy Emphasis

Required Emphasis Credits — 22 hours

SES 614 Analysis of Teaching in Physical Education (3)

SES 640 Curriculum in Physical Education (3)

SES 641 Instructional Strategies for Elementary School Physical Education (3)

SES 642 Instructional Strategies for Secondary School Physical Education (3)

SES 685 Critical Pedagogy (3)

SES 695 Seminar in Physical Education (2) (take twice)

SES 696 College Teaching (3)

Elective Credits — 15 hours
Note(s): Electives are to be based upon program and career goals and must be related to the study of pedagogy. Must have approval of advisor and program committee.

Students may be required to have graduate coursework as a part of their program of study in the following kinesiology areas as determined by the program advisor and candidate:

SES 619 Advanced Biomechanics (3)

SES 620 Neuromuscular Structure and Function (3)

SES 624 Advanced Developmental Kinesiology (3)

SES 626 Advanced Physiological Kinesiology I (3)