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Graduate Programs : Doctoral Degrees : Sport and Exercise Science Ph.D. : Sport Administration Emphasis

Sport Administration Emphasis

Required Emphasis Credits — 26 hours

SES 576 Sport Promotion and Marketing (3)

SES 650 Financial Management for Sport Organizations (3)

SES 660 Sport Personnel Management (3)

SES 665 Advanced Sociological Kinesiology (3)

SES 675 Management of Sports Facilities and Equipment (3)

SES 676 Sport Public Relations and Information Systems (3)

SES 678 Event Development and Management (3)

SES 688 Legal Aspects of Sport (3)

SES 705 Seminar in Sport Administration (2)

Elective Credits — 10 hours

Students are allowed 10 hours of electives in the doctoral program (64 credits beyond the Master's is required for graduation). After consulting with their advisor, students should select courses which contribute to their academic and research goals. The following courses are offered as a guide for elective course selection. Students should also review the Catalog for course options in other cognate areas.

ELPS 601 Leadership Development Through Inquiry (3)

ELPS 650 School Finance and Budgeting (3)

ET 501 Introduction to Applications of Educational Technology (3)

ET 504 Instructional Materials Design (3)

HESA 680 Law and Higher Education (3)

SES 670 Sport and Higher Education (3)

SES 692 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science (1-6)

SES 696 College Teaching (3)

SES 755 Supervised Practicum in College Teaching (1-6)

SRM 610 Statistical Methods III (3)

SRM 611 Advanced Statistical Data Analysis (3)

SRM 627 Survey Research Methods (3)

SRM 680 Introduction to Qualitative Research (3)

Note(s): The course SES 692 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science may be used for up to 6 hours of electives and is designed to assist students in gaining experience in the sport industry and/or to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To be eligible to register for SES 692, a student must have 1) a GPA of 3.0, 2) completed (or currently enrolled) five required courses, and 3) completed 20 graduate credits.