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Degree and Program Index

Bachelor's Degrees(82)

Africana Studies, B.A.(82)

American Sign Language - English Interpretation B.A.(82)

Anthropology B.A.

Interdisciplinary Emphasis(82)

Art & Design, B.A.

Art Emphasis(83)

Visual Communication Design Emphasis(84)

Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences B.S.(84)

Biological Sciences, B.S.

Biology Secondary Teaching Emphasis(86)

Biomedical Sciences Emphasis(85)

Cell and Molecular Biology Emphasis(86)

Organismal Biology Emphasis(86)

Business Administration, B.S.

Accounting Emphasis(87)

Computer Information Systems Emphasis(88)

Finance Emphasis(88)

General Business Emphasis(88)

Management Emphasis(88)

Marketing Emphasis(89)

Chemistry, B.S.

Biochemistry Emphasis (ACS Certified)(89)

Chemistry Emphasis (ACS Certified)(90)

Forensic Science Emphasis(90)

Industrial Chemistry Emphasis(90)

Pre-Health Emphasis(90)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis (ACS Certified)(91)

Communication Studies B.A.

Human Communication Emphasis(91)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(91)

Criminal Justice B.A.(92)

Dietetics, B.S.(92)

Earth Sciences, B.S.

Environmental Earth Sciences Emphasis(92)

Geology Emphasis(93)

Meteorology Emphasis(93)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(94)

Economics B.A.(94)

English, B.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(94)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(95)

Foreign Languages B.A.

French Liberal Arts Emphasis(95)

French Secondary Teaching Emphasis(95)

German Liberal Arts Emphasis(95)

German Secondary Teaching Emphasis(96)

Geography, B.A.

Geographic Information Science Emphasis(96)

Liberal Arts Emphasis(96)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(97)

History, B.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(97)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(97)

Human Services B.S.(98)

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.

International Studies Emphasis(98)

Liberal Arts Emphasis(99)

Student Designed Major(103)

Journalism, B.A.

News-Editorial Emphasis(104)

Public Relations and Advertising Media Emphasis(105)

Telecommunications Emphasis(105)

Mathematics, B.S.

Applied Statistics Emphasis(105)

Liberal Arts Emphasis(105)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(105)

Mexican American Studies B.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(105)

Music Education, B.M.E.

Instrumental Music K-12 Teaching Emphasis(108)

Vocal, Piano and General Music K-12 Teaching Emphasis(108)

Musical Theatre, B.A.(109)

Music, B.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(105)

Music, B.M.

Composition Emphasis(107)

Instrumental Performance Emphasis(106)

Jazz Studies Instrumental Emphasis(107)

Piano Emphasis(107)

Vocal Performance Emphasis(107)


Philosophy, B.A.(109)

Ethics and Public Policy Emphasis(110)

Physics, B.S.

Astronomy Emphasis(110)

Engineering Physics Emphasis(110)

Liberal Arts Emphasis(111)

Mathematical Physics Emphasis(111)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(111)

Political Science, B.A.(111)

Psychology, B.A.(112)

Recreation, B.S.(112)

Social Science, B.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(113)

Social Studies and Secondary Teaching Emphasis(113)

Sociology, B.A.

Applied Sociology Emphasis(113)

Family Studies Emphasis(114)

Social Issues Emphasis(114)

Spanish, B.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(114)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(114)

Special Education, B.A.(115)

Liberal Arts Emphasis(115)

Teaching Emphasis(115)

Sport and Exercise Science, B.S.

Athletic Training Emphasis(116)

Exercise Science Emphasis(117)

Physical Education K-12 Teaching Emphasis(117)

Physical Education Liberal Studies Emphasis(117)

Theatre Arts, B.A.(118)

Secondary Teaching Emphasis(119)

Visual Arts, B.A.

Art K-12 Teaching Emphasis(84)

Certificate Programs

Child and Adolescent Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)(198)

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Graduate Certificate (Non-Degree)(198)

Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)(198)

Nursing Education Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)(199)

Transcultural Nursing Graduate Certificate Program (Non-degree)(199)

Clinical Counseling M.A.(161)

Doctoral Degrees

Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D.(179)

Audiology, Au.D.(179)

Biological Education, Ph.D.(180)

Chemical Education, Ph.D.(181)

Counseling Psychology, Psy.D.(182)

Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.(183)

Educational Leadership, Ed.D.(184)

Educational Mathematics, Ph.D.(185)

Educational Psychology, Ph.D.(186)

Educational Studies, Ed.D.(187)

Educational Technology, Ph.D.(188)

Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.(189)

Human Rehabilitation, Ph.D.(189)

Music, D.A.

Conducting Emphasis(190)

Music Education Emphasis(190)

Music History and Literature Emphasis(190)

Music Performance Emphasis(190)

Music Theory and Composition Emphasis(190)

Nursing Education Ph.D.(191)

School Psychology, Ph.D.(192)

Special Education, Ed.D.(193)

Sport and Exercise Science, Ph.D.

Exercise Science Emphasis(194)

Sport Administration Emphasis(195)

Sport Pedagogy Emphasis(195)

Doctoral Minors

Applied Statistics and Research Methods(196)

Educational Psychology(196)

Educational Technology(196)

Special Education(197)

Educational Specialist Degrees

Educational Leadership, Ed.S.(178)

School Psychology, Ed.S.(178)

Endorsement Programs

Bilingual Bicultural Education Endorsement(120)

Educational Interpreting Certificate Program(120)

Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement(120)


Bilingual Bicultural Education Endorsement

Elementary Education and Secondary Education(120)

Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement

Elementary and Secondary School Education(120)

Graduate Endorsement and Licensure Programs

Administrators' Licensure, District Level Leadership (Non-Degree)(200)

Bilingual Bicultural Education, Post-Baccalaureate

(Added Endorsement) Elementary and Secondary Education(200)

Elementary Education, Post-Baccalaureate (Non-Degree)(201)

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Endorsement(201)

Principals' Licensure (Non-Degree)(201)


Reading Specialist, Added Endorsement(202)

Reading Licensure

Reading Teacher K-12, Added Endorsement(202)

School Library Endorsement(203)

Special Education Administration, Licensure(203)

Teaching English as a Second Language Post-Baccalaureate(204)

Licensure Programs

Reading Licensure

Reading Specialist Endorsement(202)

Master's Degrees

Applied Statistics and Research Methods, M.S.(157)

Art & Design, M.A.(158)

Biological Sciences, M.S.

Non-Thesis Emphasis(159)

Thesis Emphasis(159)

Chemistry, M.S.

Education Emphasis(160)

Research Emphasis(160)

Communication, M.A.

Human Communication, Non-Thesis Option Emphasis(161)

Human Communication, Thesis Option Emphasis(161)

Community Counseling, M.A.

Marriage and Family Therapy Emphasis(161)

Earth Sciences, M.A.(162)

Educational Leadership, M.A.(163)

Educational Psychology, M.A.(163)

Educational Technology, M.A.(163)

Education, M.A.T.(162)

Foreign Languages

Spanish Teaching Emphasis(164)

Gerontology M.A.(165)

Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program, M.A.

Natural Sciences Emphasis(166)

Teacher Education Emphasis(166)

History, M.A.(167)

Mathematics, M.A.

Liberal Arts Emphasis(168)

Teaching Emphasis(168)

Music, M.M.

Conducting Emphasis(169)

Instrumental Performance Emphasis(169)

Jazz Studies Emphasis(169)

Music Education Emphasis(170)

Music History and Literature Emphasis(170)

Music Theory and Composition Emphasis(170)

Vocal Performance Emphasis(170)

Nursing, M.S.

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Chronic Illness (CNS) Emphasis(171)

Education Emphasis(171)

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Emphasis(171)

Public Health M.P.H.

Community Health Education Emphasis(171)

Reading, M.A.(171)

Rehabilitation Counseling, M.A.(172)

School Counseling, M.A.(172)

School Library Education, M.A.(173)

Social Science, M.A.

Clinical Sociology Emphasis(173)

Special Education, M.A.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Emphasis(174)

Early Childhood Special Education Emphasis(174)

Generalist Emphasis(174)

Gifted and Talented Education Emphasis(174)

Visual Impairment Emphasis(174)

Speech-Language Pathology, M.A.(175)

Sport and Exercise Science, M.S.

Exercise Science Emphasis(176)

Sport Administration Emphasis(176)

Sport Pedagogy Emphasis(177)


Aerospace Studies (Air Force)(128)

Africana Studies(128)


Anthropology, Multicultural Anthropology(128)

Applied Statistics(129)

Art and Design(129)

Asian Studies(129)

Biological Sciences/Liberal Arts(129)

Business Administration(129)

Chemistry/Liberal Arts(130)


Communication Studies(130)

Computer Information Systems(130)

Computer Science(131)

Criminal Justice(131)

Cultural Studies(131)


Earth Sciences(131)


Elementary Education(132)


Environmental Studies(132)

Film Studies(132)





Legal Studies(133)

Mathematics/Liberal Arts(134)

Mathematics/Secondary Mathematics Teaching, Grades 7-12(134)

Media Studies(134)

Mexican-American Studies(134)

Military Science (Army)(134)

Music/Liberal Arts(134)

Network and Information Systems Security(135)

Nonprofit Administration(135)




Political Science(135)



Recreation and Tourism(136)

School Health Education(136)



Special Education(137)

Sport and Exercise Science - Coaching(137)

Sport and Exercise Science - Outdoor Education(137)

Sport and Exercise Science - Physical Education (K-12) Teaching(137)

Sport and Exercise Science - Youth Development(138)

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)(138)

Theatre Arts(138)

Women's Studies(138)


Pre-Degree Programs

Engineering Program (Pre-Engineering)(140)

Health Professions (Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Dental, etc.)(140)

Law Program (Pre-Law)(140)

Professional Teacher Education Programs (PTEP)

Early Childhood Professional Teacher Education Program(121)

Elementary Professional Teacher Education Program(122)

K-12 Professional Teacher Education Program(125)

Music Education, B.M.E.(125)

Special Education, B.A.(126)

Sport and Exercise Science, B.S.(126)

Visual Arts, B.A.(126)

Secondary Professional Teacher Education Program(122)

Biological Sciences B.S.(123)

Chemistry B.S.(123)

Communication Studies B.A.(123)

Earth Sciences, B.S.(123)

English, B.A.(123)

Foreign Language, B.A.(123)

Geography B.A.(124)

History B.A.(124)

Mathematics B.S.(124)

Physics B.S.(124)

Social Science, B.A.(124)

Spanish, B.A.(124)

Theatre Arts, B.A.(124)

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