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Graduate Policies & Procedures

Admission Application

Faculty members in each degree program establish admissions standards for the specific degree program which often exceed the minimum standards. Applicants should consult program brochures, school offices or faculty in the degree program(s) of interest to them for any additional admission requirements.

If programs set deadlines for review of applications for admission for any term, they must allow sufficient time for Graduate School handling and evaluation. This typically means they must ask students to submit materials early enough to allow at least 20 working days for the Graduate School to complete all processing upon receipt of a completed application prior to sending it to the school for screening. It is particularly important for programs requiring GRE's and having early admission deadlines to notify applicants of this requirement. The Graduate School does not set standard priority admission deadlines, but encourages each program to determine what specific deadlines they will use and to work closely with the Graduate School to ensure these deadlines are feasible.

Admission Application Checklist

  1. Complete the appropriate application forms
  2. Obtain one official transcript from ALL institutions (except UNC)
  3. Submit Graduate Record Examination (if applicable)
  4. Obtain letters of recommendation (if applicable)
  5. Check school/program requirements
  6. Include the non-refundable processing fee
  7. Submit all required application materials to the Graduate School

For additional information refer to the Graduate School application or online at:

Admission Expiration

Admission to any graduate program will remain valid for one calendar year following the first day of the applicant's proposed semester of enrollment. If a student does not begin coursework during that year, the student may be required to submit a new application with the appropriate processing fee and satisfy the new admission requirements.

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission refers to applicants admitted pending the receipt of admission requirements specified by the Graduate School. No student will be permitted to register for an additional semester, receive financial aid or take the comprehensive examination or its equivalent unless the specified requirement(s) is met during the first semester of the student's program.

Extended Degree Programs

Students applying for admission to extended degree programs must meet the same criteria for admission as on-campus students. Additional policies regulating extended degree programs can be found in the Statewide Extended Campus Policies and Procedures Manual available at the Office of Extended Studies.

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