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Pre-Degree Programs

Engineering Program (Pre-Engineering)

The pre-engineering program is designed for students who intend to enter an engineering field. Many of these students take approximately two years of coursework at UNC before transferring to a university that offers a degree in engineering. Alternatively, after their second year, students may elect to complete the Engineering Physics Emphasis B.S. program or other science or math program at UNC.

On successful completion of this program, the student will be eligible to transfer to an engineering school in Colorado or elsewhere, or transfer to another science or mathematics program at UNC.

Required Credits

CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I (5)

ENG 122 College Composition (3)

MATH 131 Calculus I (4)

MATH 132 Calculus II (4)

MATH 233 Calculus III (4)

PHYS 240 General Physics I (5)

PHYS 241 General Physics II (5)

PHYS 321 Elementary Modern Physics (4)

CS 102 Structured Programming (3)

Notes: Elective courses should be carefully selected in consultation with one's advisor. Consult for optimum transfer of credits to an engineering school. Some engineering fields require a second semester of chemistry.

Students in this program register under a physics major with pre-engineering as a second major and must have an advisor in the physics program.

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