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Women's Studies

Minor Requirements - 18 Credits

Women's Studies is devoted to the critical interrogation of gender's role in structuring individual experience. Women's Studies also examines gender's impact on the global distribution of economic and political opportunity in specific historical and social contexts. Women's Studies' students will be able to engage with a variety of different theoretical and political feminist positions, and demonstrate an awareness of feminist scholarship in at least two disciplines, as well as the relationship between Women's Studies and feminist scholarship in other disciplines. Students will learn the theories underlying feminism(s) as well as the skills necessary to effectively communicate them.

Required Minor Credits - 12 hours

WS 101 Women in Contemporary Society (3)

WS 240 Women, Race and Class (3)

WS 300 History of Feminism (3)

WS 350 Feminist Theory (3)

Elective Minor Credits - 6 hours

Courses should be chosen from among the following and other courses approved by the Women's Studies Committee:

APCE 468 Psychology of Women (2)

AFS 102 The Black Woman in America (3)

AFS 230 Black Women in Literature (3)

ANT 314 Anthropology of Sex and Gender Diversity (3)

ART 390 Women Artists (3)

ECON 304 Economics of Gender (3)

ENG 239 Topics in Women's Literature (3)

ENG 335 World Literature By and About Women (3)

HIST 283 Russian Civilization (3)

HIST 347 United States Women's History to 1877 (3)

HIST 348 United States Women's History Since 1877 (3)

HIST 391 Women in Europe to 1700(3)

HUM 231 Images of Women in Literature and the Arts (3)

MAS 395 Topics in Gender Issues (3)

NURS 200 Women's Health Care (3)

PSCI 207 Women and Politics (3)

SOC 221 Sociology of Gender (3)

SOC 322 Women and Aging (3)

SOC 423 Violence and the Family (3)

WS 320 Representations of Women in Popular Culture (3)

WS 422 Directed Studies (1-3)

WS 448 Women's Studies Seminar (3)

WS 460 Feminist Legal Studies (3)

WS 492 Internship (2-10)

Notes: In all cases, a student's program in Women's Studies will be developed individually with each student by the coordinator or other members of the Women's Studies faculty. Each student's program must include at least 50 percent of coursework at the 300-400 level.

Each student should register with the coordinator to receive bulletins about general meetings, special programs scheduled and new courses approved by the Women's Studies Committee.

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