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Sport and Exercise Science: Youth Development

Minor Requirements - 25 Credits

The youth development minor is designed to prepare students to teach and work in community-based youth serving agencies, Students gain knowledge and practical experience in teaching, program design, implementation and evaluation, funds development, community collaboration, and using physical activity to address the needs of youth. Students will find this program challenging and a useful supporting area that will integrate with most any other major on campus.

Required Minor Credits - 16 hours

SES 305 Programming in Youth Development (3)

SES 338 Teaching Diverse Populations (3)

SES 340 Planning and Instructional Design (4)

Select one water activities course:

SES 118, SES 120, SES 126 or SES 130

Select one outdoor activities course:

SES 125, SES 127, SES 128, SES 129, SES 131, SES 132, SES 135

Select one lifetime activities course:

SES 111, SES 113, SES 114, SES 119, SES 133, SES 174

Select one fitness activities course:

SES 146, SES 147, SES 148, SES 149, SES 150, SES 152, SES 153

Select one traditional sport course:

SES 100, SES 102, SES 103, SES 104, SES 110

Select one additional physical activity course (advisor approval required).

Elective Minor Credits - 9 hours

Select three courses from the following (substitutions require advisor consent):

REC 232 Recreation Leadership (3)

REC 368 Programs in Recreation and Tourism (3)

SOC 247 Social Deviance (3)

SOC 326 Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence (3)

SOC 340 Juvenile Delinquency (3)

SOC 447 Introduction to Grant Proposal Writing (3)

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