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Legal Studies

Minor Requirements - 21 Credits
Required Minor Credits - 6 hours

PHIL 220 The Nature of Legal Reasoning (3)

ID 420 Legal Research and Writing (3)

Elective Minor Credits - 15 hours

Group I - Basic (select 6 credits from the following):

BAFN 231 Legal Environment of Business (3)

BAFN 332 Business Administration and the Law (3)

CRJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

CRJ 230 Judicial Process (3)

ENST 205 Environment, Politics and Law (3)

HIST 347 United States Women's History to 1877 (3)

JMC 497 Mass Communications Law (3)

PHIL 300 Topics in Philosophy (3) (Philosophical Issues in
Employment Discrimination Law)

PSCI 105 Fundamentals of Politics (3)

PSCI 306 Constitutional Law (3)

PSCI 328 International Law and Organizations (3)

PSY 365 Psychology and the Law (3)

SOC 444 Sociology of Criminal Law (3)

COMM 341 Courtroom Communication (3)

Group II - Policy (select 6 credits from the following):

BAMG 452 Contemporary Issues in Business and Society (3)

CRJ 370 Justice Professionalism and Ethics (3)

CRJ 410 Comparative Justice Systems (3)

MIND 286 Value Issues in Political Economy (3)

PHIL 150 Ethics in Theory and Practice (3)

PHIL 350 Ethics (3)

PHIL 355 Social and Political Philosophy (3)

PSCI 331 Political Philosophy I (3)

PSCI 332 Political Philosophy II (3)

PSCI 335 American Political Philosophy (3)

SOC 346 Criminology (3)

SOC 347 Sociology of Corrections (3)

Group III - Skills (select 3 credits from the following):

ECON 304 Economics of Gender (3)

ECON 305 Intermediate Microeconomics (3)

ENG 319 The Art of Persuasion (3)

ENST 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies (3)

PSCI 392 Political Science Internship (3) *

PSY 265 Social Psychology (3)

PSY 366 Industrial Psychology (3)

COMM 211 Argumentation and Debate (3)

COMM 343 Persuasion (3)

*Any other internship must be approved by your legal studies advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to elect an internship as part of a minor, and internships in community service are especially encouraged.

Notes: Students must complete 50 percent of their coursework at the 300 and 400 level. No more than 6 hours may be taken in one group.

A grade of "C" is required for a course to receive credit in the minor.

Some advanced courses have prerequisites. Please be certain that you meet the program's prerequisites if you plan to take such a course or you may check with the instructor to see if the prerequisite(s) may be waived, if you are capable of doing the work for the course.

Students are advised that the Required Courses are not offered every semester. Please contact the Legal Studies advisor at (970) 351-2572 as soon as you declare the minor to plan your schedule so that you can graduate on time.

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