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Chemistry: Teaching

Minor Requirements - 21 Credits
Required Minor Credits - 12 hours

CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I (5)

CHEM 112 Principles of Chemistry II (5)

CHED 495 Seminar in Teaching Chemistry (2)

Elective Minor Credits - 9 hours

CHEM 321 Chemical Analysis (4)

CHEM 331 Organic Chemistry I (5)

CHEM 332 Organic Chemistry II (5)

CHEM 360 Environmental Chemistry (2)

CHEM 441 Inorganic Chemistry I (2)

CHEM 442 Inorganic Chemistry II (2)

CHEM 481 General Biochemistry I (3)

CHEM 483 Experimental Biochemistry I (1)

Notes: Students must take CHED 495 or a substitute course in another science discipline with approval of the advisor. If a substitute course for CHED 495 is approved, an additional 2 semester hours of chemistry electives must be taken.At least half the credit hours for the minor must be at the 300-level or above.

Students earning a minor in chemistry must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses having a CHEM prefix which count toward the minor.

Neither CHEM 422 nor CHEM 499 (research and seminar) may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Chemistry Minor.

State licensure regulations require a minimum of 24 semester hours distributed in appropriate science subject areas to teach any secondary science if someone is licensed in another subject area. Hours required in this minor will apply toward this requirement. See advisor for other courses to meet requirement. This minor does not lead to teacher licensure.

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