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Degree Requirements - 120-128 Credits

The University of Northern Colorado prepares K-12 teachers in the areas of art, music, physical education and special education. The focus of the K-12 Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) is to prepare new teachers who will be familiar with the process of reflective teaching in such a way that they are able to continue growing and developing towards becoming master teachers. The emphasis of the K-12 program is on content and pedagogy within the context of the major discipline. Within the K-12 program, prospective teachers are involved in a series of structured clinical and field experiences with kindergarten through high school students in order to integrate effective pedagogical strategies with appropriate classroom content.

In addition to their content program, all prospective teachers in the K-12 PTEP take a common pedagogical core that complements their respective programs. For additional information: Please See "Teacher Education: Professional Teacher Education Programs (PTEP)".

Required LAC Credits - 40 hours
Required Program PTEP Requirements - 11-43 hours
Required Major Credits - 43-46 hours
K-12 Program Area Requirements - 11-43 hours
(Music Education, Physical Education, Visual Arts: Art Education and Special Education)
K-12 Required PTEP Core coursework - 26-33 hours

EDFE 270 Field Based Experience (2)*

EDF 366 Conceptions of Schooling: Context and Process (4)

Complete one of the following courses, based on preferred teaching level:

PSY 347 Educational Psychology for Elementary Teachers (3)

PSY 349 Educational Psychology for Secondary Teachers (3)

Complete the following courses:

EDRD 340 Developing Language and Literacy in the Content Areas (3)

EDSE 433 Exceptional Students in the Regular Classroom (2)

EDFE 444 Supervised Teaching (1-15)

Note(s): *Physical Education (SES) majors only: EDFE 170 and SES 266 are the required courses in lieu of EDFE 270.

Students completing a licensure program in Music, Visual Arts and Special Education will make formal application while enrolled in EDFE 270. Physical Education (SES) students will make formal application while enrolled in SES 266. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 is required prior to enrollment. First semester transfer students may enroll their first semester on campus and the GPA will be evaluated at the end of the semester. In addition to courses required in the major, students will also be required to complete the courses listed under Professional Teacher Education programs located in the beginning of the Catalog. Students wishing to take pedagogical core courses concurrent with EDFE 270 should contact their major program.

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