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Teacher Education Endorsement: Professional Teacher Education Programs (PTEP)


The University of Northern Colorado offers four Professional Teacher Preparation Programs (PTEP) that are designed to prepare teacher education candidates for Colorado Licensure. The 2005-2006 Professional Teacher Education Programs include: Elementary Education (K-6), Secondary Education in specific teaching areas (7-12), and K-12 Education in the areas of Physical Education, Music Education, Visual Arts Education, and Special Education.

A list of program outcomes for students who complete the University's teacher education program are available at

A student interested in obtaining a Colorado Provisional Teacher License must apply, be admitted to, and complete one of the Professional Teacher Education Programs. Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree, but do not hold a Colorado teacher license, are encouraged to contact the School of Teacher Education and the Department of Educational Foundations and Curriculum Studies in McKee 216 to receive information on post-baccalaureate programs for teacher licensure.

Full licensure program descriptions can be found in the section on licensure and endorsement programs at the end of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences section of this catalog.

Please See "Teacher Education: Professional Teacher Education Programs (PTEP)".

Standards of Professional Practice for Continuation

Students admitted to professional teacher education programs are expected to maintain accepted standards of professional behavior in all aspects of their work in their program. Appropriate program faculty will periodically review the suitability of candidates for continuation in their professional teacher education program. Students who do not attain or uphold such standards are subject to academic sanctions, including denial, suspension or dismissal from the professional teacher education program.

PTEP Course Requirements

Each PTEP (Elementary, Secondary; K-12) requires a set of courses and instructional experiences that all students seeking initial licensure must complete regardless of their major. The program ensures that quality and consistency will be available and required of all who wish to teach. Admission to a PTEP is a selective process based on specific criteria. Additional information can be found within the specific major course or licensure area requirements

Student Teaching Requirement

All teacher education candidates must pass a State of Colorado mandated test prior to entry into student teaching.

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