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Elementary Education Licensure: Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Program

Liberal Arts Core Courses - 40 semester hours

Note: Students are strongly recommended to take the first courses listed in each area. Subsequent, indented courses are acceptable alternatives.

Area 1.a. Elementary Composition

ENG 122 College Composition (3)

Area 1.b. Intermediate Composition

one course from Intermediate Composition (except BA 205 and MUS 152.)

Area 2. Mathematics

MATH 181 Fundamentals of Mathematics I: Number and Operations (3)

MATH 182 Fundamental Mathematics II: Algebra, Probability and Data Analysis (3)

Area 3. Arts and Humanities

Choose electives from 3.a., c., or d.

Area 3.b.

ENG 131 Introduction to Literature (3)

or ENG 211 Survey of American Literature (3)

or ENG 214 British Literature II (3)

or ENG 262 Masterpieces of World Literature (3)]

Area 4. History

HIST 100 Survey of American History from Its Beginnings to 1877 (3)

or HIST 101 Survey of American History from 1877 to the Present (3)

or HIST 121 Western Civilization from 1689 to the Present (3)

Area 5.a. Economic and Political Systems

ECON 101 Understanding the Contemporary Economy (3)

or PSCI 100 United States National Government (3)

or PSCI 105 Fundamentals of Politics (3)

Area 5.b. Geography

GEOG 100 World Geography (3)

or GEOG 110 Geography of the United States and Canada (3)

or GEOG 200 Human Geography (3)

Area 6. Physical and Life Sciences (Two courses required. Total of 7 hours.)

ESCI 265 Earth Science Concepts for Elementary Teachers (3)

or AST 100 General Astronomy (4)

or GEOL 100 General Geology (4)

or MET 205 General Meteorology (4)

or OCN 200 General Oceanography (4)


SCI 265 Physical Science Concepts (4)

or CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I (5)

or PHYS 220 Introductory Physics I (5)

or PHYS 240 General Physics I (5)

Area 7. International Studies

one international 3-hour class except BA 251

Area 8. Multicultural Studies

one multicultural 3-hour class

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