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The Liberal Arts Core


The mission of the program is to give students a foundation in the liberal arts, enabling them to become responsible, well-educated citizens capable of contributing effectively to a rapidly changing, technologically advanced, global society. The program's curriculum is designed to introduce students to undergraduate studies; to foster their competencies in reading, writing, critical thinking, mathematics, and the use of technology; to improve their awareness of the multicultural character of contemporary society; and to give them a sense of connections among the various academic disciplines. Students who complete the program will be prepared to think for themselves, to marshal relevant information, to reason about complex issues, to reflect upon questions of principle, to express themselves effectively, to recognize the importance of the past, to appreciate cultures and values different from their own, to make choices with a sense of their ethical implications, to work towards a better future, and to function with skill and knowledge in an ever-changing world.


Students are required to complete at least 40 hours, distributed among the following areas: Basic Core Courses, Multicultural and International Studies Courses, and Electives. Every student must take:

See also the sections "Special Notes" and "Exceptions to the Requirements of the Liberal Arts Core" below.

Guaranteed Transferability

Courses bearing the gtP designation have been approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) for inclusion in the Colorado Guaranteed Transfer Program. These courses will automatically transfer to any Colorado public institution and continue to count toward general education or other graduation requirements for any liberal arts or science associate or bachelor's degree program, if you receive a grade of `C' or better. Statewide articulation agreements prescribe specific general education and degree requirements in the following professional degree programs: business, early childhood, elementary education, engineering and nursing. Most of the other courses, not approved for the gtP designation, will also be accepted in transfer by other institutions, but they may not fulfill general education or degree requirements.


The typical frequency of offering of each course in the program is indicated below by means of the following codes:

SEM - course offered every fall and spring semester

1YR - course offered every academic year

2YR - course offered every two (2) academic years

IRR - course offered irregularly

Note: The frequency listed is typical and may be affected by availability to staff the course.

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