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Enrollment Management

The Enrollment Management Office coordinates the functions of the following student services areas to assist in providing seamless services to UNC students:

The Office of Admissions provides information and assistance to potential new undergraduate students. New freshmen, as well as undergraduate students transferring from other colleges and universities, should contact this office. Admissions information is available on UNC's website: (Prospective graduate students should contact the Graduate School.)

The Office of the Registrar (Carter Hall 3002) provides assistance with class registration via Ursa (web) or in person. The Office of the Registrar processes the following: total withdrawals from all classes, personal information updates, final grade submissions and grade changes, and requests for transcripts. The Office of the Registrar is also responsible for enrollment verification and graduation audits for undergraduate students.

The Office of Financial Aid administers and distributes aid in the form of loans, grants, scholarship and employment to help students meet college costs (tuition, fees, books, food, housing, and transportation).

The Visitors Center, located at 1862 10th Avenue, provides campus tours Monday through Friday, five times daily. The prospective student should contact this center to arrange a visit to a residence hall, make an appointment with an admissions officer, visit the Office of Financial Aid, or schedule (two weeks in advance) an appointment with a professor in his or her proposed field of study.

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