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Standard Grading
Quality Points
= superior
= above average
= average
= minimum passing
= failure
= incomplete
= incomplete turned to failure
= no credit (audit)
= no report
= satisfactory-credit granted
= unsatisfactory-no credit
= unauthorized withdrawal
= withdrawal
= basic skills, fresh-start, and grade forgiveness
= fresh-start prior to March 1993

†Credits not used to compute grade point average (GPA) and not counted toward graduation.

††Credits not used to compute GPA but counted toward graduation.

Courses for which "D," "F," "U," "W," "UW," "NR," or "I" grades are awarded will not count in graduate degree programs and will not satisfy program deficiency requirements.

A "W" indicates an approved withdrawal from the course and is assigned only when the student has completed the official withdrawal processes outlined in this publication.

A "UW" indicates an unauthorized withdrawal and is assigned when the student has never attended the class for which he/she enrolled.

An "I" is assigned due to unanticipated circumstances the last week of the term that make the student unable to complete course requirements within the allotted time (e.g. he/she missed the final examination due to sickness, an emergency in the family). The instructor must submit to the school director, a written notice of the specific coursework to be completed before the final grade is determined; a copy is kept in the school and one is provided to the student. To amend a grade of "I" with an earned grade on a student's transcript, the student must complete all incomplete course work by the last day of the next semester, including summer term. If a grade is received at that time, the earned grade will display on a student's transcript as "I/grade." If the course requirements are not completed within the time limitation and the grade received in the Registrar's Office, the grade will be recorded on the academic record as a failing or unsatisfactory grade.

The grade of "NR" is used for honors courses, theses, dissertations, and other courses that have been granted approval for "NR" grading. The "NR" is assigned when the coursework requires longer than a semester to complete. The "NR" will be replaced by the appropriate grade when the work is completed.

Grade Point Average

The University operates on a 4.00 grade point system. A grade of "A" has a value of four grade points, "B" three points, "C" two points, "D" one point. No points are given for an "F".

To compute a grade point average, first remove all basic skills courses (courses numbered 001 through 099) and all courses that carry the grades: "S," "U," "W," "UW,""NR," "I," "NC." Multiply the credit hours for each remaining class by the number equivalent to the letter grade. Total the hours, total the credit points, and finally divide the total points by total credits.

GPA Example:

A = 4
B = 3
C = 2
I = 0
= 3.00 GPA

If a course is repeated, all grades earned are used in determining the GPA. If a course is listed as grade forgiveness, the grade will not be used in determining the GPA. Grades received at other institutions are not included in the UNC GPA.

Grades-Submissions and Corrections

Faculty must submit grades via the Web to the Registrar's Office by 5 pm of the third working day after the end of a course. Grade changes or corrections must be submitted within the first two weeks of the following semester. Spring term grade changes are also due the first two weeks of Summer term. Grade change requests are submitted on special grade report forms signed by the instructor and school director. Forms are available from program offices. No grade change request forms delivered by students will be accepted.

Midterm Grades

Effective Fall 2004, midterm grades are required for all freshmen, first-term undergraduate transfer students, student athletes and students on probation. As of Spring 2007, midterm grading is available for all undergraduate students and faculty are encouraged to process midterm grades for all undergraduate students. Faculty will have access to enter the midterm grades beginning the 6th week through the 7th week of the term. Students can view their midterm grades via Ursa as they are assigned through the 11th week of the term.

Immunization Regulation

Colorado State law requires that students who were born after January 1, 1957, show proof of immunization prior to registering for classes. The required immunizations are against mumps (two doses), measles, (two doses), and rubella (two doses). All on-campus students who are admitted to UNC must submit a Certificate of Immunization form. Students must submit a completed Certificate of Immunization form to Student Heath Services before they will be allowed to register for classes. Students who fail to comply with this requirement will not be allowed to register for classes.

Individuals who are unable to be immunized due to medical, religious, or personal reasons are exempt from this regulation if they provide a signed Certificate of Exemption form. In the event of an outbreak of illness on campus, individuals who do not have proof of immunization or who have signed a Certificate of Exemption form will be subject to exclusion from classes and quarantine.

The meningitis vaccine is not currently required, however it is highly recommended. Colorado state law does require that you provide the University with acknowledgement that you have received information regarding meningitis. This is accomplished as part of the online housing contract. Please discuss with a health care professional. Students interested in getting the meningitis vaccine should contact the Student Health Center at 350-4930 to make an appointment.

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