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Final Examinations

All final examination periods are 150 minutes in length. Examinations are conducted in the same classroom used throughout the semester unless alternative arrangements are made with the room scheduling department in the Events/Scheduling Office at the University Center.

Faculty should alert students to changes in final examination times or locations before the testing date. With the approval of the school director, the final examination may be eliminated by an instructor who considers it unnecessary. If no final examination is given, class will continue through the last week of the semester. In such cases, classes will meet at the times shown on the final examination schedule.

Each student registered for credit in a course must attend the final examination unless the student has made prior arrangements to be excused by the instructor.In extreme instances, a final examination may be rescheduled by the instructor, provided the change is coordinated with the appropriate dean's office and approved by the school director.

If a student has three or more final examinations scheduled for one day, the student may negotiate a time change with the instructors involved. This negotiation should take place not less than one week before the scheduled examinations. If the parties involved cannot find a mutually agreeable time, the Office of Academic Affairs will indicate courses for which a change must be made. Laboratory sessions will not meet during the final examination period. Laboratory examinations should be given before final examination week.

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