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Human Services

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Human Services B.S.

The undergraduate degree in Human Services provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills to be able to work in a variety of human service settings. Students take a core curriculum that provides a liberal arts education and tools needed to be a successful professional in the field of human services. Students then select from among multidisciplinary courses, either across the variety of human services content areas, or focused on a content area of specific interest to the student, in community health, gerontology, or rehabilitative services. A hallmark of this program is the field work experiences integrated into the course requirements.

Community Health Content

A focus on Community Health Education content prepares the student with the skills and competencies to function in health education settings of all kinds. Examples of such settings include voluntary health agencies, county and state health departments, health promotion programs in business and industry, patient education in hospitals and wellness programs for the elderly, or to enter graduate study in public health.

Gerontology Content

A focus on Gerontology content gives students the opportunity to study the human aging processes and to learn skills needed in working directly with the older population. Topics covered are the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging. Students are prepared to work as service providers in social service agencies, senior centers, long term care facilities, adult day care and other community organizations, or to enter graduate study in gerontology.

Rehabilitative Services Content

The Rehabilitative Services Content educates students in rehabilitative theory and procedures relevant to helping people.

Students are prepared to work in a variety of human service settings, such as programs for persons with developmental, mental and/or physical disabilities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation or insurance rehabilitation programs, and centers for independent living, or to enter into graduate education related to the helping professions.

For degree and program requirements, see:

Human Services B.S.

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