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Film Studies

Minor Requirements - 18 Credits

This minor has been designed for students who wish a coherent study of film as an art form. This interdisciplinary program will allow students to proceed beyond an introduction to film to specialized courses which consider cinema from distinct aesthetic, cultural, historical, and theoretical perspectives. Introductory and variable topics courses will allow students to consider both western and non-western cinema, however this minor places more emphasis on better understanding American film within the context of western aesthetic and narrative traditions and theories. A capstone course, FL 400, which may be team taught, encourages students to use their interpretational research skills in order to forge connections between differing film traditions and understand contemporary cinema in a more global context.

Required Minor Credits - 9 hours

HUM 120 Introduction to Film (3)

HUM 320 Topics in Film (3)*

FL 400 Traditions in International Film (3)

Elective Minor Credits - 9 hours

ART 389 Contemporary Art (4)

HUM 320 Topics in Film (3)*

JMC 390 Impact of Mass Communications on Society (3)

THEA 225 Theatre in Film (3)

Film Studies director(s) must approve the following variable topic courses:

AFS 395 Aspects of the African-American Experience (3)

HIST 430 Topics in American History (3)

HON 200 Honors Connections Seminar II (3)

JMC 408 Special Topics (3)

PHIL 300 Topics in Philosophy (3)

* In addition to the requirement of 3 hours of HUM 320, this course may be taken for an additional 6 hours of elective credit if topic varies.

Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in those courses that count toward the minor.

At least 50% of the courses in the minor must be upper division courses, i.e. 300 or 400 level courses.

No more than 12 semester hours of courses with the same prefix may be counted toward the minor.

For further information and an updated list of offerings see or contact the Film Studies Minor director in the English Department, 970.351.2971.
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